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Far Hills Races- Oct 18


HP & His HOT Take-Out Band will be leading the festivities Saturday night Oct 18th at The Gladstone Tavern. Spend the day at the Races and Party the night away starting at 8pm in The Tavern! 

Bruce's Birthday Bash


  Come on out and celebrate Bruce's Birthday with HP & His HOT Take -Out Band at The Ark in Point Pleasant on Saturday night Sept 19th! 

Half Way 2 Mardi Gras- South Amboy,NJ


Every year HP & His Hot Take-out Band celebrate Mardi Gras at The Blue Moon in South Amboy.  By popular demand they will be appearing Saturday afternoon Sept 27th to celebrate "Halfway to Mardi Gras"! The kitchen will be servin up lots Creole Cookin and so will HP.  Come on out and "Party Till The Money Runs Out" as Stevo likes to say! 

Surprise visit from "The Boss"


Bruce Springsteen made a surprise visit to the Beach Bar in Asbury Park yesterday Sept 8th and caught part of the last set from HP & His Hot Take-out Band!




HP & HIS HOT TAKE-OUT BAND will be appearing Sunday Sept 8th on the boardwalk in Asbury Park NJ at Convention Hall's Beach Bar for an afternoon of late Summer fun! Come out and "party till the money runs out"!  

Celebrate Mardi Gras with HP & His HOT Take-out Band


The HOT Take Out Band will be performing at some of New Jersey's best venues this year for great 'Nawlins cooking and Mardi Gras partying!  Check out their schedule at 

HP & His HOT Take-out Band- Bandmate Stevo Nelson Jams with Phish @ Arrowhead Ranch!!!



H.P. and His Hot Take Out Band - Blue Moon, South Amboy, NJ - February 18, 2012 Mardi Gras, Blue Moon Style! By Phil Rainone H.P. and His Hot Take Out Band have played at the Blue Moon for a few years now, usually around Mardi Gras time. They’re a band that has to be heard to be seen and seen to be heard - that is, they stimulate all your senses (and Gary the cook will stimulate your stomach with some authentic Cajun dishes like gumbo, fried catfish, jambalaya, and spicy beans & rice - talk about fio on the Bayou!) They’re a four piece band - featuring Howard Parker on guitar, Steve “O” Nelson on rub board, Mark Hamza on accordion, and Miltmon on drums/percussion - that can play it close to the vest like their soulful strut version of Lennon’s “Imagine,” or a rafter-rockin’ hat-trick of “Tequila/Break on Through/’I’m a Man” (The Champs/ Doors/ Spencer Davis Group respectively) that will give you pause as to how these three classic rock tunes easily morph from one to the other. All the while, everyone’s heads are boppin’/feet stompin’ and this all-around, feel-good vibe that they create time and time again is making the place seemingly bursting at the seams! This is a band that loves what they do, and the measure they give, is given back in spades! Besides covers, they also play originals that are hard to tell apart from the covers, and that’s a good thing! During their four sets, we were treated to boppin’ originals like “Zydeco Buosalou,” “Party ‘Till the Money Runs Out,” “Each Time I Turn Around,” and “Zydeco Cheesecake.” So by now I guess you can see the theme that the band has going on here. Eat, drink, and party ‘till the cows come home - or until Ash Wednesday! Traditional New Orleans/Zydeco/ old-school party tunes like Lee Dorsey’s “YaYa” or “Iko Iko” are songs by some of New Orleans primo artists. In the hands of H.P. and His hot Take Out Band these staples become cool-as-H-E-double hockey sticks! Sometimes it’s hard to tell which song is which ‘cause these guys know how to keep it fresh and furious when they hit a hot groove-which is most of the time! Another cool thing that makes H.P. and His Hot Take Out Band unique is Steve’s rub/percussion board. It’s a homemade (all the best ones are) contraption (for lack of a better word) that is a combination wooden/ metal washboard, with two small cymbals attached. One is vertical by his shoulder, and the other is horizontal, attached to the bottom of the board. There’s also some other little percussive trinkets attached here and there, which helps to makes each rub board unique, and create multiple sounds. Sounds simple, but watching Steve playing is like…well… actually there’s nothing like it that I can think of, it’s just original and cool! He also sings while playing with an overhead mic, so you really have to be on your game or it’s gonna sound like crap. Steve plays it like its second nature, coolly amazing! Dylan’s “Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35,” which is already a cool and off-the-wall in itself, was transformed into a monstrous party starter, as pretty much everyone in the place was singing along with the chorus, turning it into a gang vocal party starter! Never Enough Cowbell! The intro for the Stones “Honky-Tonk Woman,” with the original’s classic cowbell intro, got turned upside down, inside-out, sideways, and seemingly every which way, as Charlie Watts’ tappity-tap cowbell intro got spun into a percussionist’s party as the drummer and rub boardist stirred up a sweet, metal mash, while the accordion player and bass player held the originals bump-and-grind cadence until the other two were finished dueling it out, with the crowd as the winners. Robert Johnson’s originally laid back “Crossroads” got turned into a Cajun jam session a la The Meters funk/soul shake style. - And all this was going on starting from 3pm. Just goes to show you, a good band like H.P. and His Hot Take Out Band can raise the roof pretty much any time they want! A great show at a great venue! In the past I’ve been using lyrics from songs like “Once in a Blue Moon,” by Van Morrison, and Chuck Berry’s “Round and Round,” to describe the feeling you get when you go to the shows at The Blue Moon. They have live music Thursday through Sunday, including the Thursday Night Open Mic Jam. That really is the essence, the mojo, the cool vibe you get there. Owners Walter and Adrian have a very hands –on approach, and the club has been unique since the 70’s when it was The Broadway Central Café. There are times where you can get exactly what you expect, and other times it can be out of this world! For

Mardi Gras in New Jersey!

Come on out and party with HP & HIS HOT TAKE-OUT BAND celebrate MARDI GRAS in NJ on Fat Tuesday (2/21/12) in ASBURY PARK, NJ at TRINITY & THE POPE! The party continues its way north for FAT FRIDAY (2/24/12)@ THE GLADSTONE TAVERN in Gladstone,NJ!! You can count on great music,food&dance;...and beads if you've earned them!!!


After Performing at the now infamous Trenton International Jazz & Blues Festival excellent bootleg recordings were uncovered from The Hot Take-Out Band's Show on Friday August 13. HP and the band are in the Studio mixing a new LIVE CD from the bootleg.

Stevo Jams with Jeffrey Broussard and the Creole Cowboys @ Mexicali Blues

Jeffery Broussard brings Mardi Gras to Teaneck By Jay Lustig/The Star-Ledger February 13, 2010, 7:03AM Danielle Richards/For The Star-Ledger Mardi Gras season always brings a smattering of Louisiana-themed concerts to New Jersey. But Teaneck's Mexicali Live nightclub, following the Mardi Gras precept that more is always better, is going one step further with a three-day Mardi Gras mini-festival that began Thursday and ends tonight. (Mardi Gras itself takes place on Tuesday.) The shows are being presented by the Crawfish Fest, the annual celebration of Louisiana music and food that takes place every summer in northern New Jersey. (This year's is scheduled for June 4-6 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta.) The club is presenting two bands a night (the High and Mighty Brass Band and Mojomo are on tonight's bill), plus a menu filled with Crawfish Fest favorites like crawfish étoufée, alligator sausage, jambalaya and shrimp creole. The club was festively decorated, and there were complimentary beads and masks on the tables for Thursday's show, featuring Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys, and Livingston Leo. Broussard and the Creole Cowboys, who will perform on all three days of June's Crawfish Fest (along with artists like Taj Mahal, Galactic, Marcia Ball, the Iguanas and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band), are a high-energy contemporary-zydeco dance band led by singer-accordionist Broussard. They were joined, for the first half of the show, by Steve Riley on fiddle, and throughout their set by Steve O. Nelson of New Jersey's H.P. and his Hot Take Out Band (and formerly of Swampadelica) on washboard and percussion. Broussard and his bandmates seemed thrilled to be sharing the stage with Riley, a giant on the Cajun music scene, and clearly got a kick out of Nelson's propulsive beats, giving him lots of soloing room. The band played songs by zydeco artists like Rockin' Sidney ("My Toot Toot") and Buckwheat Zydeco ("It's So Hard To Stop"), but also material associated with Sam Cooke ("Bring It on Home to Me," spotlighting Broussard's yearning vocals) and Little Richard ("Keep a-Knockin'," as an amiable shuffle). Late in the set, things got really loose with some straight-up blues ("Don't You Lie to Me," sung by guitarist Mark Sellers) and a makeshift medley, including parts of "Harlem Shuffle'' and "I'll Take You There" and featuring bassist Classie Ballou on lead vocals and Broussard on drums. Opening act Livingston Leo is -- as you may have guessed -- a New Jerseyan. But he and his blues-rock band fit right in with complex, multilayered rhythm arrangements (Nelson helped out in this area, guesting on a few songs), several that used barbecuing as a metaphor, and a cover of New Orleans music icon Earl King's "Always a First Time." Crawfish Fest Mardi Gras Party with the High and Mighty Brass Band and Mojomo Where: Mexicali Live, 1409 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck When: Tonight at 8 How much: $25; call (201) 833-0011 or visit What else: For Crawfish


'Nawlins very own Steve "O" co-founder of SWAMPADELICA & creator of the "Percussion Board". Has also played with The Neville Brothers, The Subdudes, The Radiators, Phish, Zachary Richard,and many others. A dynamic frontman and songwriter who can put a cajon spell on the audience at will. His classic edgy vocals will melt the ice in your drink.


One Square Mile needs YOU! The Mission of One Square Mile Community Music Project L.L.C. is to let the universal language of music be a source for healing and hope. One Square Mile will receive music CD’s from artists as a donation. The artist will direct which research or humanitarian cause that they wish to support. OSM will work with the artist/contributor to identify the best charities and deliver the proceeds to them as the CD’s are sold. If you are interested in joining the community and making a difference, please visit us @ or call us at 301-587-2232 thank you.


Brand new for 2007, fashion designer/percussionist Milt Januse has collaborated with Jacqueline Jones a HOT TAKE-OUT BAND TEE SHIRT (see Products)


The Band has been recording shows @ the legendary SARAH STREET GRILL in Stroudsburg Pa for a new CD and Video. Ringtones WILL be available as well in early 08!!

HP 's Solo Album being pressed

"Truth Be Told" or better known as Howards solo album is at the pressing plant and will announce a release date shortly. Please visit for more info.